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May the Soul's Wisdom Guide the Way

I believe in a whole-being approach which includes calling upon a Higher Perspective, Honoring the Soul's Timeless Wisdom and Connecting to the Body's Innate Intelligence to Identify where there is a need for Support.

- Rev. Abhaya Cordova


 Rest, Restore, Recalibrate 

and Remember your Soul's Purpose


Reverend Abhaya Cordova, YLM

Hari Om! I am Reverend Abhaya Cordova.

Welcome to the Soul Recalibration Project!

In my own search for healing, I was led to study healing modalities that delve deeply into quantum possibility through prayer and presence. These studies have guided me to the varied tools that I use to neutralize, alchemize and reprogram core, past life, genetic/ancestral and soul level patterns that are held as subconscious memory in the body's systems, while supporting your Nervous System to recalibrate to the present moment. 

"There is depth and clarity in the still quiet spaces." - Rev. Abhaya Cordova 

These timeless techniques remind your inner wisdom that a deep sense of inner peace exists and that by connecting to the intelligence and wisdom of the Soul/God connection, we can experience that which is exists within everyone. May we be Divinely guided.


A perpetual student with multiple Master Level Certifications in the healing arts and continued studies of the sacred wisdom from all Planes of Existence, I am dedicated to a path of devotion and service as a Yoga Life Minister.

As a Yoga Life Minister and disciple of Sri Guruji Rev. Jaganath Carrera, I share the teachings of yoga, offer spiritual guidance and ceremony. 

As a Master Teacher of the Healing Arts, I mentor and support healers and those who seek healing to re-awaken re-discover and re-fine their innate gifts and intuitive wisdom.



Abhaya brings her whole gentle, caring, intelligent, and perceptive presence to each of my healing sessions.  Her deep knowledge of many healing modalities, coupled with her keen intuition and highly attuned energetic support are used to help me where I am.

 I am so grateful for Abhaya’s healing and loving presence in my life.
~ A. J. 


Every time I receive energy work from Reverend Abhaya. There is a subtle yet phenomenal shift in my consciousness. The experience grounds me into the present and helps root out and remove blockages physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

I leave with a lightness and reduction of stress and pain that I do not experience with any other healing modality.

I am grateful for the gifts she shares. They are priceless. 

~ P.Y.

My latest session with Abhaya was beyond worlds. She spoke to the core of my being with her words and her hands in a way that healed my soul. I have been going to Abhaya for many years and yet her sessions keep going deeper as her wisdom and intuitive guidance keeps getting stronger and more clear. I highly recommend the opportunity to experience these healing sessions for yourself. Abhaya is a true master of healing.
~ C.G.

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