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Soul Recalibration Services

*Soul Recalibration Sessions*

with Rev. Abhaya Cordova


Rest, Restore, Recalibrate

to Remember and your Soul's Purpose

*Schedule a FREE 15 Minute Phone Consultation available prior to initial session*

Soul Recalibration Packages available (via phone, zoom or in person)

Create long lasting change.

Feel more at peace and more at ease within all aspects of your existence. 

When the soul aligns with the changes you’re working on in the body and mind, you are able to address what is needed in the wholeness of your health and wellness. It is the Soul that has guided you here and the Soul that has the wisdom to move you forward in the direction of your purpose.

This deep connection and alignments allows you to accelerate the process of change by solidifying the results you seek and allowing the body to find ease as the nervous system restores itself and builds resilience.

Stress and emotional trauma impact the nervous system, which shows up in the body, as well as in the mind and in our relationships.


When you feel stressed or threatened, the nervous system releases a concoction of hormones into the body that help you survive. Adrenaline and cortisol are among those hormones being released to help you defend your mind and body against any real or perceived attack.

Steadying and Stabilizing these systems invite a new way of living.

Creating an environment without these hormones overwhelming the body will allow you to:

  • Advance your life in ways you know, deep down, are possible

  • Create lasting changes that you need to create in order to achieve your goals

  • Stay as healthy as possible and learn to trust yourself again

  • Build inner reserves and resilience so that situations and reactions no longer have the power to put you down or keep you down... 

Healthy growth includes the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and the relational aspects of life.

Those past traumas could still be rousing your insides, but when you allow your body to relax and get realigned through these specialized processes (energy therapy, craniosacral therapy, Yoga and Yogic breathing practices, Meditation, and subconscious belief work), the body and soul relax and allow the mind and nervous systems to build resilience and experience greater ease, peace and joy.

Resilience is the basis for building a physical foundation for emotional strength that prevents you from:

  • Feeling defeated when someone or something knocks you down

  • Creating lasting trauma that stays in your body long after something painful has happened

  • Allowing situations, people, and events to keep you from growing and changing in the ways your soul longs for you to change


You can now relax into healing.


Introducing the Health and Well-Being Package


With this unique hybrid approach to overcoming the physicality of stress and trauma, you are able to integrate lessons, release the physical responses to them, and relax your nervous system so you can build the resilience you need to bounce back from whatever life throws (and has thrown) at you.

How it works:

Through a customized strategy, we develop a protocol that combines yoga, deep breathing, meditation, energy work, aromatherapy, and/or ThetaHealing to help you interrupt the fight or flight cycle that stress and trauma keep you in and to give your nervous system the downtime and alignment to provide the support you need.

Sessions are at least 2 hours in length and come in packages of three and include:

  • Check-in that allows us to reconnect and realign before the therapy portion of the session begins

  • Gentle yoga, deep breathing, and guided meditation that helps us get the energy flowing in the right direction and primes the body for your next step

  • Energy Supreme (may include massage, energy and aromatherapy, belief work through ThetaHealing processes where necessary) to help your body incorporate the emotion of being relaxed so that your mind begins the serotonin/dopamine cycle you need to help integrate the emotions of a more relaxed nervous system


To receive the special package pricing, please commit to all three sessions within 30 days.

What you can expect during and after these sessions

In addition to the new light and invigorated feeling that you can experience all the way to your bones, you can expect to tap into your own truth again, your own voice…the voice of your soul.

You will once again be able to acknowledge the calling to know and become who you came here to be. And there will be such a deep relaxation into yourself that when coupled with the energy work, you’ll begin to revitalize your nervous system to allow the past events of trauma and stress to be seen in a different light, no longer holding you back from your truth and the connection to your soul that you have so deeply missed.

- Stress and the physical responses to your past no longer confine you or define you.

- Your calling, reawakened.

- Your soul, recognized.

- Your body, relaxed.

- Solidify the changes you need in your life by addressing the wholeness of healing through meditation, yoga, and energy work.


Who I am and how I help people like you


I’m Rev. Abhaya Cordova and I’ve been helping people like you awaken their soul’s wisdom for over 20 years. I hold multiple Master Level Certifications in the healing arts and continue to study the wisdom from all Planes of Existence.


For example:
1st: Crystal Healing, Grounding, Psychometry
2nd: Aromatherapy, Plant Communication
3rd: Pastoral Care and Counseling, Hatha Yoga, Meditation, Craniosacral Therapy, Polyvagal Theory, Animal Healing and Communication, Eastern and Western approaches to massage therapy, Non-Violent Communication
4th: Ancestral and Spirit Guide connections and channeling, Spirit Animal Readings
5th: Angelic Healing and Channeling, Soul Readings and Healing
6th: Reiki, Sacred Geometry, Mantra
7th: ThetaHealing

With extensive experience in accessing wisdom on all planes of existence, in addition to my certifications and training, you and I have the tools at our disposal that are needed to heal from all levels of your being.

I believe in a whole-being approach and calling on your spiritual team, as well as my own, to find where your soul is calling for help so we can work together to realign you with your motivation, purpose, and fulfillment.



Who is this for?
Those who are ready to go deep into the layers of their healing journey to find the undercurrent that may be holding them back from taking the next steps. We approach this inner landscape gently and directly through inquiry, prayer, meditation, yoga, and energy therapies.

How many sessions will I need before I see results?
We’ll need to connect for an initial consultation so I can determine this, but it is possible to start feeling a shift as early as the first session.

What if I schedule my sessions, but need to change times?
With 48 hour notice, you can easily email and request a new date and time once.

If you have further questions, schedule a Free 15 minute phone consultation.


Now is the time to receive.

The support to align your path and evolve into who you truly are 

is available with the Soul Recalibration Packages.

Together, we can create the long-lasting change you’re looking for.

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