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Abhaya’s sessions are peaceful and loving, will open you up, and change your life for the better.  What are you waiting for? Abhaya Cordova is a master teacher, healer, and is a real treasure in the spiritual community. She has genuine care and affection for all her clients, students and friends. You’re in good hands with Abhaya!
– A. M.

My latest session with Abhaya was beyond worlds. She spoke to the core of my being with her words and her hands in a way that healed my soul. I have been going to Abhaya for many years and yet her sessions keep going deeper as her wisdom and intuitive guidance keeps getting stronger and more clear. I highly recommend the opportunity to experience these healing sessions for yourself. Abhaya is a true master of healing and goddess of service
– C. G.

I think you are a soul mid-wife.
– H. N. 

I felt something in my heart chakra and now I am more peaceful. It works! Thank you, I couldn’t get out of my way alone and had trouble feeling peaceful or connecting. I’m better now. Much love to you and your family, you are the real thing, Abhaya!
– S. B.

I feel like you just poured Hope into me.
– A. J.

Abhaya has been nothing short of a blessing to me, her gifts as a spiritual teacher and a healer has given me back faith and has shown me how to heal parts of me I didn’t even know I could! She is the purest soul I know! I would recommend her over and over again!

~ P. R. 


Abhaya has been a cornerstone in my healing journey for many years.  Abhaya brings her whole gentle, caring, intelligent, and perceptive presence to each of my healing sessions.  Abhaya’s deep knowledge of many healing modalities, coupled with her keen intuition and highly attuned energetic support are used to help me where I am and to help me understand where I need to grow. Abhaya patiently teaches me and helps me to find my own ways to continue healing my own body, mind and spirit. I am so grateful for Abhaya’s healing and loving presence in my life.
~ A. J. 


Greatest Healing Experience 


It is difficult to put into words the profound experience I have every time I receive energy work from Reverend Abhaya. There is a subtle yet phenomenal shift in my consciousness. The experience grounds me into the present and helps root out and remove blockages physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  I leave with a lightness and reduction of stress and pain that I do not experience with any other healing modality. I am grateful for the gifts she shares. They are priceless. 

~ P. Y. 

You were able to see things I couldn’t see. The time with you was a completely different experience. I can always feel the energy. It is such a good feeling.
– V. B.

Last week I was so blessed to redeem a gift certificate for an intuitive energy session with my sister in love and light, Reverend Abhaya Cordova. With total faith and trust, I entered into her beautiful healing space and immediately felt tensions melt away from my heart and soul. With her deluxe treatment and expert combination of energy healing, massage, crystals, tuning forks, hot stones and essential oils – I quickly floated into total angelic bliss.
The major message that Abhaya received and shared with me was to “stay with the current”. Such a simple and profound revelation, and totally relevant to my current emotional and mental stories. It’s a combination of staying current, or present, but also trusting the current, or going with the flow. Mind, blown… as it always is when the spirit is involved.
I look forward to continuing to work with Abhaya, and I strongly recommend anyone who is looking for spiritual and energetic healing to reach out and connect with her!
~M. C. Y.

​This past year I decided to go back to school. The “college” I chose was the Vandana Center. While this course of action did not result in any degrees, so to speak, the education has been priceless. I thought carefully and for a long time about what was important for me to learn at this point in my life. I knew I would be investing not only my money but my energy as well, and I really wanted it to count. I chose to complete the IET training program and have attained the level of Master/Instructor. I also went on to the advanced level in Theta Healing and am preparing to enter the mentorship program for Reiki Master. The work (and yes it is work ) I have done with abhaya has helped strengthen my connection to myself (inner wisdom), to my angelic guides and to the universal energy that supports our planet; the name you use is up to you. Through the use of IET and Theta techniques I have cleared so many of the blockages I held that kept me in a state of immobility, afraid to move forward in my life, and to proudly shine my light. I know I am on the right path now for my chosen journey. Abhaya is a very gentle, loving and intuitive teacher / healer and I would highly recommend inviting her into your life. I’m forever grateful I did !
~G. L.

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your teaching.
I have been getting acupuncture for 10 months for severe pain in my thumb joints and my knees.three times a week ….and it has helped tremendously.
However, after the “hands on” part of the session, I have had that NO..pain in my knees. My neurologist, who does the acupuncture has also worked on my heart chakra all along….without spelling it out to me. Hopefully withReiki II and her continued care that will strengthen.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I hope to see you soon.
~ K. P.

I discovered Abhaya and the Vandana Center when I was suffering from severe depression and anxiety and looked to yoga as a possible relaxation technique. Yoga turned into Reiki sessions, IET sessions, and finally ThetaHealing. These modalities combined with Abhaya’s gentle, caring, and compassionate manner helped me to get to the point where the doctors discontinued my medications. Words cannot express how grateful I am for her having created a safe space where I was able to not only begin my healing process, but also to learn that healing was possible.
~ R. L.

Over the past 8 -10 years, I have had numerous healing sessions with Abhaya for various health challenges and issues. One issue in particular was an MCL tear in my left knee.  After several months of physical therapy I still did not have full range of motion in bending and it would be quite painful if I tried to bend or squat down.  After a few sessions with Abhaya, my residual pain and symptoms were gone and I regained full range of motion in my knee and the ability to bend and squat.   Her healing sessions have had a deep impact and shift on me physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I leave the sessions with a deep sense of peace, calmness and well-being. Abhaya is a gifted  and intuitive energy healer  whose care is always with deep compassion and tenderness.

~ C. M.

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