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Power Retrieval Ceremony

How our power is identified, used, misused, misappropriated or suppressed can have an effect on our overall well-being and vision of our own capabilities and possibilities. The Power Retrieval Ceremony will offer perspective, support, healing, alignment and activation of our true power.

We will reclaim it, align it and revive it.

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Rev. Abhaya Cordova is energetic pattern breaker and Soul Guide. With her ongoing experience of guiding and supporting healers and those who seek healing to retrieve their Soul's innate Wisdom and Power, she shares timeless and healing practices that will assist you in moving the previously immovable.

For this ceremonial offering, I will be delving into the topic of Power Retrieval and identifying the places where you may have purposefully or accidentally left or lost your innate power.


Inner Power can show up within us as presence, heightened awareness, empathy, intuition and ability to protect oneself and those we love. This is also our ability to be present with ourselves and hold space for others.

When we have been traumatized, especially through ongoing ancestral and childhood trauma or neglect… these innate assets can become hyper-vigilant, filtered with fear and distress, and can create chronic depletion or pain patterns in the body, mind and emotions. While these traumas may have knocked you off kilter (sometimes for decades), there is a way to return to well-being.


I am sharing this sacred healing ceremony to support each of us in rebuilding our energetic foundations and to be able to hold our power with the reverence it deserves.

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